Five Card Story: the excitment

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When I was at work my boss walked up to me with a sad face. Then I said "what happend boss" I said with my worried face it took a while for him to replie, Then he looked up at me and said...."CONGRATULATOINS ANDY-LEIGH you have won a trip to united states of America"! i was shocked then in 5 secounds later I jumped up and started screaming with joy of tears.Iwent home and packed my bags.I hopped on the plane with a huge exiting face,it takes 28 hours to get to America.I woke up and saw the tallest statue in America I jumped right up andwas ready to get off.I saw the beautiful view from the sky everone one was a wake.the birds was flying across me feeling the fresh brezze then i saw my cousin andys house with christmas toys shining their lights celebrating christmas with loads of treats lining up on the book shelf waiting for me to chew them up in mt tummy.We ate loads of junk with my family."OREOS" I shouted with excitment " you never told me you had my favourite" I calmly replied.I sat down chewing on y oreo with a sleepy atitude,Igot up and went to sleep with a dream of milkey choclate fountain.It was a bright and sunny morning with fresh colourful flowers dancing their entertainment dance with loads of laughter."My boss text me it was time to go" . I pack my thjings up and kissed the fresh flowers and flew in the plane all the way back where i came from.

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