Five Card Story: Art Class

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Well it was art class, and this was a special art class. It was free time art class. In free time art class the students were able to use their artistic skills they have learned throughout the year and make anything they wanted to. So first Freddy made an excellent ship and the teacher was thrilled, but then Jessica made a face, but this face did not use any of the artistic skills the studnets had learned throughout the year. The teacher was not happy at all, Mr. Evans was very angry! Next it was Chelsea's turn to show Mr. Evans her penguin. Lastly Mr. Evans went to go and look at Jeremy's drawing and he wasn't very impressed with his drawing at all, but it was a minion from his favourite movie Despicable Me, so he was kind of ok with it afterall.

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flickr photo credits: (1) FoxyLee13 (2) LyndseyLu (3) commerce0710 (4) thechr1skim (5) ppatel14

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