Five Card Story: Tommy the Turtle Takes to the Stage

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Tommy the Turtle was swimming in his pond one day, the same pond he had called home since the day he broke out of the shell. Suddenly, it did not seem big enough for the life he imagined for himself. Suddenly, he wanted more. He decided to crawl out of the pond and headed out to find adventure and a purpose he knew was awaiting him out in the wide unknown.

He travelled through the woods and came upon a road. He did not know what this new structure was - he had never seen anything like it. He slowly crept onto the road and then heard a loud sound like nothing he had ever heard before. Then, he was suddenly spinning around in so many circles that he lost his sense of direction and couldn't even recall why he ever decided to leave the pond. He came to a stop and shook his head back and forth. At that moment, a tall, walking creature dressed in bright orange vest picked him up. He did not know what kind of animal this was, but he came to learn that this was a man, a construction worker who saw the car brush past and came to help poor Tommy. He could see that Tommy was disoriented, so he decided to take him to the church just down the road for some food and water.

When they walked into the church, Tommy first noticed a beautiful white flower in a vase. He saw his small life in the pond before his very eyes and those same white flowers growing along its side. He remembered how serene his life was and questioned why he ever decided to leave. The construction man set him next to the flower and brought him a bowl of water and some leaves to munch on. Afterwards, Tommy decided that he did want to continue his journey, he did miss his pond, but the promise of something more intrigued him. The white flower that grew near his home had ventured out, and so would he.

A few years later, after many travels, Tommy found himself on a beautiful green lawn. He was basking in the sun and was greeted by a kind woman. She enjoyed having Tommy around and he enjoyed it too. Her garden was magnificent and even had a pond. Tommy decided to settle in and became a pet, of sorts, to the nice woman. He had grown tired and wasn't sure what was the true purpose of all of his adventuring. He didn't feel like he had achieved his destiny, but he was happy here.

One morning, the woman decided to bring Tommy with her to work. Unbeknownst to him, he had been living with the queen of television, Oprah. He looked around and found himself under bright lights on a big stage. Was this what he had been waiting for? Was his purpose even bigger than he ever imagined? He knew at that moment that he wanted to be a part of this business where people all over the world could see him. He wanted to inspire others to venture out beyond what is comfortable and pursue dreams bigger than they could imagine.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) cogdogblog (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) shareski

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