Five Card Story: Dystopia

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As I walked along the streets, I could see the damage and chaos that has been caused by The War. As I slowly progress to inspect the damage, I can hear sounds of breaking glass as I step on the debris of the town hall. The War has wiped out every civilian that resisted the Empire, except me. I was hiding in the town well when the explosions started. Gunfires were everywhere. I could even hear the begging of the villagers, but there were no mercy. As I walked, I realized that all the bodies have been confiscated. Probably being burned in the incinerator as I walk along. When I was at the house of Mark, my friend, I heard a footstep behind me. My hands instantly went to the hunting knife I have received for my 17th birthday. Behind me, wasn’t a puppet of the empire who was left behind to kill the survivors. It was Sophie, the sister of Mark. Although she was my age, she was significantly smaller than me. She also had a cooking knife in her hands. We both sighed in relief. We then walk towards the border of the empire, talking about things we saw and heard. I figured out that she has hidden in the forest, to the west of our village. I was also planning to go there, but I was at the opposite side of the forest at the moment. We decided that the only way the Empire can be destroyed, is to kill Malice, the man who took control over the Empire by assassinating the last king. We head off into the direction of the Empire while we plan to kill the mad king and take our revenge.

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