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We watched as ten more blindfolded people tumbled out of the colorless van while we all stood in rows facing one way effortlessly. They all looked confused and some were half unconscious. Guards lead them into the middle of the lines. I wonder where they came from. The society I live in is perfect to me. Why would I want to live anywhere else?

Tweet! The whistle blew, which signaled us to look at the signs on the side. Around 50 people turned around in unison and read the sign. There it was, on the rusty old brick walls. It seems cleaner than usual. “Notice. This area is under 24 hour video surveillance.” This wasn’t surprising to me, but I’m guessing this is mostly so the new citizens can understand how this society works. I haven’t lived in any other places, but our guardian tells us that other places are so horrible that people try to escape so they can live here instead. The whistle blew again, and we all started marching towards the big clock tower. This procedure happens about every 2 weeks. We all go to the clock tower, where he will do his usual speeches about our society, then help the new citizens adjust. I have done it once, and I am so glad I did it. Now I don’t even remember my horrible past. Once inside the building, I heard some raindrops, which meant that it was raining. But of course, none of us has ever even been outside when it’s raining before. Just thinking about it made me shiver. Someone blew the whistle again, and we all watched as the 10 people walked towards the stage. Some of them were limping, and they weren’t walking in order at all. It drove me insane. They all were forced down into a chair as he entered. Everyone stood up and bowed, moving in one motion. He, our guardian, walked over to the new people and took off their blindfolds, one by one. I know what he is going to do next. He is going to insert a chip into their pulse on the wrist. ‘It is so that they forget their horrible memories,’ he told us once. He walked over to the lady who was trembling helplessly with fear. A little boy at the end of the row saw what was going on and yelled loudly.

“NO!” The voice was painful and pleading. “Don’t do that to her!” The boy was near to tears. Guards rushed in and grabbed the little boy and dragged him out, yelling and kicking. They threw the boy onto the ground and kicked him onto the van. ‘Some people are just not like us.’ He had warned us once. ‘They don’t belong here, and it’s for your own good. They bring us danger.’ Of course, he’s right. The mom, now with the chip inside of her, marched to an empty chair in the audience with the rest of us and sat down. I feel so happy for the mom. Our guardian smiled as he moved on to the next person.

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