Five Card Story: Dystopia World

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As usual, I go to the Village on the first Sunday of the month. The sunlight peaking through the mountains lights up my seemingly endless path ahead me. With the glamorous scenery of the sunrise giving me the least of hope, I walk for 3 hours pulling a wagon that my sister used to have as a kid along the highway until exit 176. The unmelted snow soaks into my boots, leaving my icy feet feeling numb. I sigh, “another disadvantage of having a house high up in the mountains”. Buildings and small houses begin to appear instead of vast wastelands and forests, and here we are, at the Village. This is where I go every month for bags of grain to support my huge family. Even when I come early, a massive line-up is already formed in front of the numerous bags of grains piled up. I look around at the people wearing the same black hoodies, black pants, and black boots, only recognizable by their hair colours. With no rosiness on their sunken cheeks, most of them stare at the foods with lifeless eyes. With a few more days of starve, I’d be no far off from their conditions either. At least twenty guards in uniforms patrol us and hand the grains out, with extra cameras on the buildings fixed on our faces that shows us to the government and our mysterious Leader.

Abruptly, I see colours flashing. Colourful clothing and neon coloured hair worn by running people instead of the boring black outfits and natural hair colours! What? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Who are those people? I blink while my eyes bring me a bright visual sensation so different and distinctive from the rest of the colourless world. There are shouts. I see guards pushing the line-up back and more guards running up to the colourful people with their weapons. With plenty of tall heads in front of me, I don’t know for sure what’s happening. But, I know there’s killing by the crying of pain and splashing blood on the ground…

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flickr photo credits: (1) katerha (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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