Five Card Story: Not Forever A Colorless World

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I looked around, shocked at what I was looking at. Everywhere, for miles further than the eye could see, was only black and white, as if all the color had been inhaled by a giant vacuum cleaner. Small televisions and cameras were present along every wall of every building. As soon as I saw them, the cameras pointed at me. I backed away slowly, frightened, Trying to take this all in, I turned around, and saw a group of people, lined up in rows, all with dull inhuman like eyes, the same length of dull colored hair and were exactly the same height. They marched towards a colorless beach overlooking a gray ocean and some steep pointy gray rocks. I watched as the small cameras and televisions nearby them pointed towards this groups of people, and then pointed away from them. Each dehumanized person glanced at me strangely as they walked by me, as I was not wearing the colorless identical tuxedos and dresses they were all wearing. I was wearing a blue short sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans, which definitely seemed odd to these people. I walked past a classroom of students, all the same height with short hair, wearing uniforms. The boys wore colorless pants and t-shirt and the girls wore a t-shirt with a colorless skirt. I walked on and ended up in a secluded area and saw a few unoccupied gray benches. Still feeling shocked at this world of black and white and a bit tired, I sat down on the middle bench to collect myself.

Until now, I have never known such a colorless place could exist. I also felt sorry for these people, who were always watched by cameras that seemed to be everywhere, and were forced to wear identical clothing and look almost exactly the same. I rested my head on my palm, pondering whether I should attempt to destroy whoever or whatever was controlling and overlooking these people. After a good ten minutes of pondering, I decided that it was not fair for these people to all dress and look the same, as this eliminated individuality. I should at least give it all I’ve got to attempt at destroying this system of things and the person or object in control of all these people. The problem was, I didn't know how. I got up from the bench anyway, and began to walk in the direction of a bunch of identical colorless men and women, thinking that maybe they were walking towards whatever was in control of them.

I ended up in what seemed to be the middle of the place of these people, where seemingly the whole population was, all identically dressed. In the sea of colorless dresses and tuxedos, I was definitely standing out with my colorful outfit. Everyone glanced at me for a while as I shifted my weight from one foot to another, nervous at all these eyes trained on me. Suddenly, to my relief, everyone turned their heads to a figure across from where I was standing, which must be the controller of these people. As I looked closer at the figure, I saw that it was a stone statue carved in the shape of a human. The figure opened its mouth and spoke in a stony, low voice looking straight at me. It took a second for me to realize that the figure didn’t like the fact that I was wearing completely different clothing these everyone else. That's why all the cameras and televisions had been pointing at me earlier. Nine guards wearing a special, but colorless long ruffled hat, marched over to me and grabbed my arms. Just then, an old lady in the crowd of people came forward, declaring that I shouldn’t be punished for wearing these clothes. She used her cane to fend off the guards and beckoned me to run away...

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) shareski

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