Five Card Story: Granite City

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a Five Card Flickr story by Nicole Garies created Oct 03 2013, 10:18:22 pm. Create a new one!

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It was an early Tuesday morning. It had seemed like forever since I'd woken up at dawn. After a night of walking further and further towards my destination, I half-expected myself to sleep through the morning.

The day seemed to brighten quickly as I packed up my tent and moved along the trail to nowhere. I realized from the long night walking in complete darkness, I had become lost once again. I peered around the nature-filled area when I was startled by a furry calico looking in my direction. It was perched on a stone three times its own size, and seemed to have a eerie tone to its face. I walked toward the kitten with my arm out-stretched, hoping for a mutual companionship. It nuzzled towards my hand, most likely hoping for some sort of nourishment. What little I had to give was the last of my food. I ran my fingers through its fine fur and scratched behind its ears.

"Do you know where we are?"

It jumped at the sound of my voice, but to my surprise, did not scurry away. The feline purred and rubbed its face on my tattered jeans. It had been a long time since I'd been in the presence of a cat. What it was doing all the way out here was beyond me.

And then it hit me-- This cat, clean as it was an in such surprising condition, had to belong to someone. If it belonged to someone, that someone had to have been nearby. In the distance, to my disbelief, there was a road sign. I immediately sprang towards it, hoping for some sort of salvation.

Could it have been that I was on a trail this entire time?
The sign read of many (or what seemed to be) landmarks in the surrounding area. I beamed and headed towards the closest one-- Granite Park Chalet, 6.4 kilometers away. In what seemed to be the fastest seven kilometers of my life, I approached a stone city with buildings of unimaginable architectural beauty. Arches and pillars everywhere, I scanned the city, not knowing where I was. I walked down the streets until I finally spotted a beachfront, full knowing that it was a coastline. I sprinted towards the water, dreaming of the freshness.

After splashing in the water, I turned toward the harbor where a large sign read "Granite City". I hadn't found where I was looking for, but at least I knew now where I was.

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