Five Card Story: the orphan

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September 25
Dear journal. Hello there I am Philip full time loser extraordinaire although you should know you are my journal. But I say this so when I’m dead people will know my name. Did you bring me any cookies? Oh sorry I went off track there for a second. You see I have really bad ADHD. I think that stain on my shirt looks like a unicorn. Oops did it again.
Anyway I’m a 12 year old orphan who lives with my brother Rico, the oh so cute 4 year old brother. i don’t see what’s so appealing he drools in his sleep and after every time someone says food. The only reason he hasn’t been adopted yet is because of me.
My parents died when I was in grade 2. It was the summer of 2008 on our road trip to B.C it was a nice day which only made feel like an was big highway on a hill. One guy in a semi going down, us in a car going up. The result 2 kids crying like crazy.
Now it isn’t getting any easier. You see I am kind of clumsy. Just 2 days ago I broke a solid gold sculpture. Crazy right I know I’m impressed as well. Well at maybe it is getting easier because I got a dog. I was kind of worried at the start but it’s good now. He only has peed on my carpet twice this week. It all started when Rico and I went to the zoo.
We went everywhere we would even go the places we couldn’t. Well we went into the ones we weren’t allowed by accident. It was while Rico was watching the elephants I was bored and leaning against something drumming out with my “Baby” from Justin Bieber.
That’s when I started falling backwards. I said “aaaaaaaaah”. When I landed I hit something slimy then I said “gross”. When I looked what I landed on it was a steak a big steak. When I looked up there was a something towards me it was a tiger! I ran out of there so fast the roadrunner would be impressed. That’s when I decided I hate cats. So that’s why I got the dog.

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flickr photo credits: (1) trustypics (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Danny Nicholson (5) bionicteaching

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