Five Card Story: Swan island

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My name is Lucy I live on a very small island in the middle of nowhere. The island I live on is called Swan Island. The closest place to swan Island is Hawaii. I have been there once but I was 3 so I can’t remember it at all, one day I would like to travel to the United States it seems so cool one of my friends went and she said it was amazing. She said there is like malls with like at least 60 stores in them or lots of different animals. The only animals we have here are dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and swans. Here in Swan Island there is 1 grocery store, 2 clothing stores, and 2 others stores so all together there is only 5 stores, and there is also only like 25 houses here so like 20 families and that’s it. Most of this Island is a forest.

I go in the forest all the time I love to go and play imaginary games there, like I live in a jungle or something. Me and my dad always go in the forest together and we like to put animal watching cameras to see if there is any animals out there we don’t know about. These animal watching cameras my dad got are really cool. Whenever they see movement they take a picture but normally we only get pictures loose dogs, and sometimes swans. We go and check the cameras every day to see if there is anything new.

One day we went to go look at the pictures and there was some animal tracks that me and my dad have never seen before. They were so cool I had never seen any like them before, as soon as we walked back we went inside and looked at the picture there was one picture where there was a really big white blur so we couldn’t really tell what it was. Right after we looked at the pictures I ran over to my best friend Holly’s house. I knocked on the door and Holly answered I said come on I have to show you something. When we got to the tracks Holly said they looked like a tigers paw prints. I said what do they look like she said they can be orange or white. I said come with me let me show you the picture. When we got my house I showed her the picture Holly couldn’t really tell what it was. The picture is like a white blur so I can understand why she couldn’t tell if it was a tiger.

Before I went to bed I went to where the tracks where and put an orange there because I want to see if the animal will eat it. This morning I went back to where the track was and the orange was gone all that was left was the peel. I guess whatever it is likes oranges, I love oranges there so delicious. I really want to find out what this animal is so I have a plan. I am going to hide in a bush the rest of the day so that I can find out what it is. Most of the day of hiding in bush was boring nothing happened at all. All of a sudden I heard something finally something exciting is happening. I can’t see very well so I am going to peek my head out a bit more. Once I peeked my head out the animal saw me and ran away. I caught a glimpse of what it was it was just a stray dog so I guess that is why there are those paw prints, but that doesn’t explain the picture.

I really hope it is a tiger I really want to see what one looks like. I am just going to wait a couple more hours but first I am going to run home and grab an orange maybe that will attract the tiger. When I came back I set the orange right where I put the first one. After like an hour of waiting something else comes, but it is just a swan. I scare it away but it takes the orange with it. After a little longer of waiting I finally give up for the day and go home. As I am sitting in bed I am thinking about the swan. Suddenly it all makes sense the dog left the paw prints, and the swan was the big white blur. I must have thought it was big because the swan must have been really close to camera. It’s too bad that it was just a boring swan I was really hoping that it was something exciting, something I had never seen before. Maybe next adventure I will find something I have never seen before.

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