Five Card Story: Southern Red Oak

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Southern Red Oak
It’s my first time out of the country. As a kid I didn’t really travel. My parents were not the richest people and my dad left when I was nine. I’m trying to get away from that so I came here, to Southern Red Oak Resort. It is a large group of mountains with not very many visitors, maybe that’s one of the reasons I came. I arrived here at around 11 pm so I was pretty tired. I got my room and fell asleep within the hour.

I wake up, I am frozen. I can’t feel toes or hands, as I look around the cold dark room and I quickly realize that this is not the room I crashed in. I rise from the cold mattress. The room is crawling with bugs; I notice a small window letting a bit of light in but no door. I put my clothes on and begin to exit through the window. I pull the small bed to the window and break the window. Pushing all the bugs and glass I slip through the window. On the outside I grab my backpack and start walking. At the front of the building there is a shed, in side some survival things like a bow, arrows, a knife, a compass and some other things.

The resort is on and between three large mountains overlooking the ocean. In order to give me direction I look for the three large mountains but my vision is blocked from other mountains. So I begin to climb, slowly but surely making progress up the tall steep mountain. Imbedding my knife into the mountain for grip I make it up. Even from the top of this small mountain the view is incredible. While enjoying the view I finally spot the three mountains but they seem too far. Remembering the ocean I look behind me and there it is. Almost 2x closer than the mountains I begin to slide down the mountain in direction of the ocean.

Making my way up and down smaller and smaller mountains, I come across a large clearing I come by a small what looks like a moose. Pulling the bow off my back I grab an arrow and take aim. Over taken by hunger I take the shot not once thinking of its parents. I stick in the side and it slowly falls down. As I begin to walk to it. Coming up to the moose and pulling the arrow out I notice another one staring at me, this one much larger. With no hesitation I run back the other way with the moose hot on my tail. Jumping up a small mountain, the moose begins to gain.

I make it up and the moose is still furious. Walking backwards I trip and fall down the other side of the mountain. Crashing into trees and rocks I eventually hit the ground. In pain all over and dazed I feel something touch my back. In fear, I think the moose is behind me but when I turn I am greeted by a man he helps me up and gives me his water bottle. Gulping down every last drop I thank the man and, I wake up. In the small room that I got later that night but a confusing question pops up in my head. Is this the dream?


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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) jentropy

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