Five Card Story: The litle Boys

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I walk to school always pass by a building. It is huge, old and run down. I never really looked at it. For many years I walked passed never paying any attention to it. Everything was always the same. Nothing was out of order I waked by the same buildings and houses. I walk by the exact same people every day. Never anything new. It was always so boring.
I got my stuff ready for school on a cool Thursday morning and started walking to school, the exact same time I usually do, I saw the same people I always to and in a few moments I’m going to see the same run down building like I always do and the lake in front of it. I got there but instead of seeing the green lake empty there was two little boys standing by it. The one boy was about six and the other is about three or four. There was no parent or any one that was watching them. It’s weird it seems like no one even sees them.
I went up to them to see if they were ok. I said hi to the little boys. They just looked me like I was crazy. Then they asked me if I could see them. I said yes. Why wouldn’t I be able to see you I said? They didn’t say anything. I asked if they were lost. They didn’t say anything. Do you need help I said? Then the smallest boy began to talk (very good for his age). Do you ever wonder what happened to this building? I didn’t know what to say. Then the oldest boy spoke because we can show you. Before I could say or do anything the smallest child threw a stone that looked like it had sprinkles in it in the green water. As soon as it hit the still water it made bigger splash then the little stone should have. Before I knew it the boy pushed into the water.
When I hit the water I wasn’t by the old run down building anymore. It was the same building, in the exact same spot but it was newer. It wasn’t run down and old. It was beautiful with lots of detail. Then I realised the two boys were behind me. What happened I asked? Where are we? We are in the same spot that we were before they said at the same time with a grin. Why I’m I not wet I was just pushed in the water? They didn’t have time before I asked who they were. We are just little boys they both said.
There were many people around the huge building. Why can’t they hear me I asked? Because we are not here. What do you mean we aren’t here? They smiled. We needed to see what happens to this building and we needed someone older than us to come with us. You were the only one to see us so we chose you. Looks like you over there said the smallest boy. I does I said. This must be the person to destroy the building. But why would she destroy it. Then I woke up. It was just a dream.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) krutscjo (5) dwtno

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