Five Card Story: The Mystery Women

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Th women wouldn't stop starring at me. I thought I was going out for a nice evening with my husband, a night we hadn't had in ages, and here she is ruining it. It is really creeping me out. "Let's get out f here" I say to my husband, he has been asking me al night if I'm okay, so this isn't a surprise to him. He gets up without question and we head to the door.

Okay, now she is following us! We are getting close to our hose and really don't want this women to know where I live. What does she want? I turn to my husband and ask him if we can take a detour thorough the park before going him. He agrees, as it s such a nice night. The park has a large maze made out of cardboard boxes, maybe we can loose her in there.

This women is my long lost aunt. After she caught up with us in the maze, she explained her story and offered to buy us some apple pie to make up for the fact she scared me. Apparently, my grandfather had an affair with a woman just before he married my grandmother. When this women heard my grandfather had passed away she had to come and pay her respects. According to her, my grandfather did everything he could to provide for her and her mother and for that she was very great full!

While, we ate our apple pie, we got talking an discovered our mutual love for Corgis, she actually owns two of them! I leave loved these dogs ever since my childhood, when Buddy ran his way into my heart at my local barn. We arranged to have her bring her corgis over to our place the next day for a play date.

The next day she brought her two corgis over. My little girl was so delighted. She just loves dogs! While our dogs played we talked. It turns out my new aunt is a multimillionaire and wants to offer us money as a thank you for everything my grandfather did for her and her mother. Things are going to be easier for us from now on!

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