Five Card Story: Christmas Concert

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This is a story about a girl and 2 seals who are in the Wildlife family. There is a librarian who loves to work at the library. The 2 seals and the girl are going to be in the Christmas concert. The librarian also has Christmas books in her library. The librarian crossed the bridge and she went to the Surprise Centre and she listened to all three of them singing songs. They sang very well and the librarian clapped after they were singing. The librarian joined to sing with them too. The seals and the girl sang first. The seals and the girl brought a gift for the librarian. She got a yellow flower for Christmas. She put the yellow flower in her vase. They all went for a walk to the gym and the librarian was in the audience. The seals and the girl sang their Outer space song first. The Outer Space song was their first song. The librarian heard that they did excellent singing in the concert. The second song that they sang the 12 days of Christmas song. The librarian is excited to watch the film of the Christmas Concert when she goes home. They did excellent singing at the concert.

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flickr photo credits: (1) dwtno (2) Serenae (3) tony_the_bald_eagle (4) ChocXTC (5) dwtno

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