Five Card Story: Christmas Day

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This is a story about a dinosaur and seven of his friends. The skeleton knocked on the door. The six kids heard that 2 seals and the girl live in this house. One of the kids have a pom pom on their hand. There were eight people in the audience. The dinosaur and his friends also gave the flower to the seals and the girl. The seals and the girl sang the outer space song to five girls and three boys. They all cheered when the song was over. Everyone started dancing to The Twelve Days of Christmas Song. The seals and the girl sang the Twelve Days of Christmas Song. The children were having fun dancing and singing. One of the girls danced with the seals. The dinosaur joined them too. Eveyone had a dance party. Everyone enjoyed being at the dance party. Today it's the two twin girls birthdays. Everyone wished that they will have a happy birthday. Nine people sang the Happy Birthday Song to the twins. Everyone heard that the seals sang a song called Jingle Bells. All of the kids enjoyed hearing the song. Everyone had a good day at the Christmas Party. Everyone was dancing in partners to the Christmas Carols. Four groups had one boy and one girl each. One group has 2 girls dancing together. One of the seals played the music on the radio station. The partners started dancing as soon as the music started. They also did ballet dancing when it was the Chorus. They also started dancing together in a circle too. Everyone had fun dancing to Christmas Music when two people were partners. Everyone went to the Christmas Concert. The seals and the girl are the ones singing songs. The rest of them are in the audience. The audience are excited to hear them sing Christmas Carols at the church. The dinosaur and one of the girls carried the wreath and put it on the table. Four girls helped lighted the candles. The skeleton and the boy helped carried the vase and then they put it on the other table. The people in the audience did a big help for the church. Everyone who was not in the choir was in the Christmas Play. One of them was a sheep, Two of them were angels, Two of them were shepards, and Three of them were the kings. The choir sang called Hark The Harold Angels Sing. The angels joined them singing that song too. When the Mass was over everyone had a Christmas Dinner. The choir also joined the people in the dinner too. Everyone enjoyed eating the food that they had for dinner. For dessert there is candy cane ice cream, apple pie, and chocolate cake. Everyone enjoyed the desserts that they had after dinner too. Everyone also watched a Movie called Merry Christmas to You. It was a fun Movie. Everyone enjoyed watching the Movie and the Movie talks about friends. Everyone cheered when the credits started. It also had a Radical Sheep production at the end. After that production was a filler called Friendship. Everyone cheered to the filler too. The filler lasted 5 minutes. Everyone enjoyed the day. Everyone went home after the party. Everyone went to bed when the party was over. Dinosaur dreamed about the seals and the girl. The seals and the girl had sang a song called Friendship Day and Caring Day. He also had a second dream. His second dream was about the Nutcracker story when the friends have a Christmas Day too.

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