Five Card Story: The Road Trip

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Mom and Dad decided that we would go for a half- day trip to our grandparents' house (with a few stops) who lived about an hour away. It always started at the gas station where we would fill up the car's tank of gas so that we didn't have to stop on the way. Therefore, we went to the station, and it was around lunch time, so we parked the car and went inside to M & M Pizza where we ate lunch. The meal ended with a delicious berry dessert pie. We headed off again, this time for the park. On the way we realized that our car's side- view mirror was cracked and we needed to go to the auto parts store to get it fixed. We left the auto- repair store with a new, fixed mirror and we drove for another fifteen minutes before we reached the local park. We got out of the car and enjoyed spending time together as a family. My sister saw a mechanical bull and she decided that she wanted to ride on one. After all of us had a turn we walked back to the car. Across the street someone had started selling fish. They were all perfectly laid out with decoration around them waiting to be taken. Ten minutes later we arrived at our grandparents' house. We spent a nice afternoon with them and that evening we went back.

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