Five Card Story: Jonathan the great

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You all might heard of Alexander the Great or King Henry the eighth but I bet you that you don't know about Jonathan the great.Jonathan the great was greater than all of the leaders I said earlier combined. He cared for his people and planned battles which victors him time after time. He was forgotten because of his death which erased him from history. I am going to tell you about one of his great battles and the last one too.

In 1678, when nowadays France and Germany was at war. Jonathan the great was German and at that time, France ruled all of the land in Europe except for Germany. Germany was outnumbered and the France technology was far greater than Germany. Germany just used arrows and swords while France had been using guns for over 3 centuries now. Jonathan was king when they were in the middle of the war. He knows that his army is weaker but he will not give up on a fight.

He was playing chess with his son one night and when he looked at his tactics on playing chess, he cot an idea which can turn the tide around. In the morning, Jonathan ran to the military conference room and told all of the general about the plan.

''My plan is to attack the armies in smaller groups and hide until the next group of the French armies came.'' said king Jonathan.

He called it guerrilla warfare which is very different from the traditional warfare where they put all of the soldiers on an open field and the winner is the army which is still standing. The general thought that it was a great idea and they rearranged the soldiers in small groups.

The next day when France begin marching into Germany, The German soldiers made an avalanche to make the French army go to the deep woods where the Germans staged small attacked on the French. They did the same tactics for years which had killed thousands of French soldiers but only lose 70 German soldiers.

The French armies decided to give up and it was victory for the Germans led by Jonathan the great. He decided to celebrate, inviting all of his generals to a feast where they honored the fallen and congratulate the other soldiers who had returned home.

When the soup came out, king Jonathan was very hungry so he ate every last drop of it on his bowl. Then he started to feel sick then he collapsed on the floor and died. Everyone panicked and one general came into the kitchen and brought the spy who poisoned the soup and cut off his head.

The funeral took place on the next day and everyone of the people in Germany was mourning and they brought out the autobiography of King Jonathan's life in a book. The pope begin to read the book and everyone listened to the story of a great man. The pope accidentally drop the book in the fire where people were supposed to scoped his ashes out.

The pope said,''let his life burns with him where he can carry it into heaven and may the lord keep him safe.''

That is why he is a forgotten hero and all of his life were written in that one book which was destroyed. The people in the museum try to make a replica of him but no one knows what he looked like.

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