Five Card Story: The Log House

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The sun was going down. There were many clouds in the sun that made Katherine feel sad. The view was beautiful, but it looked like something was missing.

Katherine has not seen a human for years now. She has lost count somewhere between 10 years, but she still knew that it was quite a long time that she stayed this way.

Her only living friend was the cat. It just came into her house for a week now. She decided not to name her because if she did she would be very sad to watch it die.

It was always like this. She had many animals stopping by a small little log house and she also watched them leaving into a place that they could never come back. She was sad every single time that they had to leave, but she had no choice. She did not want it this time.

Now the sun was completely down.

To addition why she did not name the cat - weird things started to happen and she found the cat. The cat had white and black fur beautifully mixed and she thought that the cat really was pretty.

After the cat came, she found weird things in her dressers. The cat was meowing in the dresser. She opened the dresser and there was a bottle of ethanol. She did not take it as a big deal - maybe the person that was living here before had this and he... possibly she did not know.

Yes. The house was here before she came. When she was young, her mother abandoned her in the house and ran away. She surprisingly knows her mother - just how she looks. She has a picture that her mother left her with a letter, although it is ripped down the middle. she could not read or speak as she never learned, but in the photo there were a picture of her when she was young and a women holding her. She knew that it was her mother.

Few days later, it was the same cycle as she always took. She would go out to the woods and do some woods so she would not run out of any firewood to spend the winter with. When she came into the house and there were already some woods in the small room next to the house that she found, which looked like a small storage, and she decided to put her woods there - leaving the woods which there were at the first place just in case. She still has not used them up.

That night, she could not sleep. The cat meowed more than usual. When it was at 1 o'clock in the night, she finally decided to go search for the cat.

She started walking around the house. The wooden tiles seemed to be letting out even more squeaking sound than usual today. She searched everywhere for the cat but she could not find it.

When she walked around the log house for 10 minutes, she finally decided to go search in the storage room. As she was walking heading the storage, she was sure that the cat was there - the meowing sound grew louder.

When she finally reached the storage, she was shocked. The wooden tiles were all broken and there were the steps heading down the hole. The meowing sounds were from there. It seemed that the cat made the hole somehow.

She decided to head down the hole - it was just in the size for a young girl to fit. She fit perfectly for the hole. The hole was dark but she still walked in. It was whether she find the cat or not sleeping. She walked in and realized that the steps headed for a pretty long walk. She looked back and she could see the hole growing smaller as she walks.

When she stepped for the next step, it was not there. It meant that the steps ended. The meowing sound was now coming from right in front of her.

When she was walking forward, swinging her hands around so she would not bump on anything - she touched something hard. She flicked it down and it was the light switch. She was facing the wall. The light seemed to be deeming as time passed and it would blink once in a while. She turned around and she gasped.

Her legs were trembling and she had to sit down. There were blood all over the floor. She looked up and there was a woman hanging and she had a leg missing and bleeding a lot - and her cat was next to her daubed in blood, especially around her mouth. The cat was eating the corpse.

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