Five Card Story: The Game of Life

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a Five Card Flickr story by Rose Tyler created Feb 05 2014, 04:34:31 am. Create a new one!

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Two years have past......

This life I have is now unsettling and busy at mostly every minute.
Work and work with no more fun adventures at all...just staying in the office on over-time trying the hardest not to collapse from being ill over more than a month of so.

I would say this isn't the life I want but there's no choice in the game of Life.

Walking down the street with a new appearance and trying to forget those memories isn't quiet simple.

"Work again strives soon on me with also pressure from being late. Hair all frizzed with also trying to get dressed for work in a woman's suit with also a pair of heels. This life is to stressing for me... Just as I take a moment to glance at myself. That frown and frizzed hair doesn't bother me but I walk out the door quickly to the streets filled of anything horrible you could say.
Tripping a bit over with a steady pace. With the rain starting to pour my day starts to crumble. "

"Waiting on the curb of the street on a busy intersection for a cab as I get soaked in this rain is not rare. Cars past by as now. Splash! Now with a sigh I'm now soaked and shivering in this weather from now a stupid car soaking me with a splash of a puddle."

"I think for minute and just say 'forget it'. I sit on the side of the curb as cars pass me and splashing me with amounts of filthy rain water. I fondle with the strands of hair and search in my pocket of my jacket as something not familiar is in it. A ring of some of the sort. I question myself of the memories but for some reason I don't remember. Putting it back in my pocket I mumble something under my breath and stand up walk back to the apartment complex to find now my keys are sitting on the table inside it. Great. Now locked out in this weather. Sighing under my breath I sit on the staircase glancing down at my heels. Now what wonderful day again..."

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