Five Card Story: The Wicked Man

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Once upon a time,there was a wicked man named Sam. He wasn't very poor and not very rich.But he was very greedy he always wanted money and he a luxurious life.He joined a gang and he became a criminal. He stole banks and apartments. He also broke into safes.One day, the gang figured out there was a very rich woman in the city.The gang leader said,"Sam, you are the most talented one in this gang and I appoint for this task.I want you to steel all of this woman's money by your smart plans." Sam said, "Okay sir. As you like. I'll try my best on this task." The woman adored shopping in big malls. Sam looked for the woman in the biggest mall in the city.After about two hours he found her in a shop that sells dresses.She was looking at a beautiful dress.Sam walked toward her.He reached her and he said,"Hey!I saw you here in the mall a lot and I really liked you." The poor woman didn't believe it. She was paralyzed and she couldn't talk.She just said,"What?How?" Sam told her,"What's your name,lady?" The lady replied,"Julia." She seemed to be less scared.Sam told her,"Would you like us to walk and have lunch together? Julia said,"Yeah..why not." They roamed in the mall together and when they got a little tired, they went to a restaurant to have lunch. They talked a lot to themselves and of course Sam had it all fake.Then, Sam looked at his watch and said,"Oh my God. It's to late!"
Julia said,"Okay I got to go,now. Thanks for the awesome day." Sam said,"Wait where are you going? You must have dinner with me. Why don't you come with me home?" Julia said,"Okay I don't mind let's go." They walked out of the mall and Sam said,"My house is near to the mall,so we will walk." Julia nodded.They walked until there were two paths. Julia asked,"Which path?" Sam said,"Both of them lead to the same way." They went through one of the paths and soon Sam pointed to his house and said,"Here's my house." Julia looked at it and said,"It's beautiful!"They entered the house and a beautiful table was prepared.Sam said,"one minute,Julia I will get something." Sam went to his room and he held something behind his back. He told Julia,"Close your eyes!" The poor lady closed her eyes and then wicked Sam got the knife behind his back and stabbed the lady. Julia died at once. Sam was so happy. Of course when they had lunch together, Julia told him about her address. He went outside of his house to get to Julia's home and break into it and take her money. But it was too late! The police was standing right in front of his house and he was arrested with the rest of the gang. For sure,the whole gang was excuted

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flickr photo credits: (1) spacedlawyer (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) shareski (5) goddess_spiral

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