Five Card Story: Travel

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I had decided I needed a rest after 1 full day of walking. Up ahead I could see a pay to rest motel. gathering the last of my energy I sprinted the short distance and checked in.
It was a small room with peeling wallpaper and a single bed. I fell into it without undressing and was instantly asleep. My dreams were of the past, thinking about why I left and my family. I needed to find myself somewhere in this world.
I was waken by knocking on my door. "times up, you gotta leave now." It was the lady who had checked me in last night making the rounds to clear the rooms. I got up and gathered my things. Thanking the lady I handed in my key and started to walk again. I had a granola bar in my backpack I was saving for later. I left the small town and saw a nature reserve not far away. I needed to do my morning meditation and figured what better place than there.
When i arrived I simply sat and waited for my mind to clear. I felt the earth holding me and the mountains around me alive with the sound of animals and wind.
It was only 20 minutes and I left again, tearing open my granola bar now. I walked backwards with my thumb hitched out. It wasn't long until a truck pulled up beside me. "Where you heading?" they asked. "The next closest town, can you take me?" they looked at me. My unwashed hair pulled into a ponytail and simple tank top with cargo pants and a huge backpack wasn't much of a show. "sure jump in the back." he replied after giving me the once over. "thank you." The ride was short and i took the time to admire the scenery. we stopped in a town that had short houses placed close together and busy streets. I thanked the man again and started walking.
After asking if there was any historical or spiritual sights in the town, I was walking east to find the first one. It was four figures placed in line with the four directions. Each one had a different shape carved into the center. I took a picture of each and went to find the next site. It was a totem pole that looked very old. there was a plaque in front of it explaining its origin and the meaning of it. There was 5 animals carved into it and one face. I took a close up of each figure.
By now it was already around diner time. I made my way back into the center of town and looked for a place to eat. I found a small coffee shop and got myself a hot chocolate with a sandwich. Taking it outside I sat on the ledge of a window and finished my meal. I sat there for a while, watching all the people not noticing me and realizing they all had a plan. But I never planed my day, I just went where I wanted to. I had freedom.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) cogdogblog (5) bionicteaching

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