Five Card Story: "Finding the Rabbithole"

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Adam sat in front of his computer at the local coffee shop waiting for his cappuccino to be ready. He couldn't decide whether or not to send the email that he reluctantly wrote the night before. The email was intended for Adam's boss--saying that he no longer wanted to be a corporate analyst. Adam wanted to travel and go to culinary school. The worst of all of this was that Adam's boss was his father. Filled with anxiety, Adam placed his head down on his laptop.

The loud whirling of harsh winds woke Adam from his deep sleep. As he wiped the drool from his chin, Adam stared at the open round tunnel in front of him. "What was through that tunnel," Adam thought. Suddenly, he found himself crawling through.

The bright blue sky popped through the white cotton clouds. He looked around and realized that he was sailing on the open sea. Adam was scared and confused. "How did I get here?" Adam proclaimed into the air. Everything was happening so quickly. Where was this boat going? What would he do when it landed? There was a lightness in the air as the wind began to pick up again. Adam looked ahead and saw an island with small roofs peeping out from the bushes. He was excited, as if the circumstances were becoming more normal the longer Adam drifted toward land.

Once the massive ship anchored into the sand, Adam eagerly jumped into the shallow blue water. "Welcome!" A voice came from what looked like a bistro café on the island. Adam walked toward the café. "I am Gerard, and I am your culinary instructor," said the bald man wearing an apron and flip flops. "You're going to teach me how to cook?" Adam asked sounding like a child. "Yes, and this will be your restaurant to run and enjoy." Adam couldn't believe it. He ran past Gerard and into the beautiful stainless steel kitchen. Suddenly Adam felt like a real chef, on his way to living out his dream. But as Adam turned the gas knob, a fire ignited and the kitchen went up in flames. Adam could see nothing in front of him, but red and orange dancing fire. "No," he screamed. "This can't be happening." Adam felt hot as the flames moved closer to him. He panicked and screamed at top of his lungs. Everything went black.

Adam felt hot on his cheek as he sat up from his laptop. The sun warmed his face, but the cool air chilled his cappuccino. It had been a dream. But as Adam stared ahead at the trees' shadows floating across the park in the grass, he was reminded of that free feeling as he sailed on the open sea. He knew what he had to do.

Adam sent the email and he knew that his life was truly about to begin.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) krutscjo (5) bionicteaching

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