Five Card Story: Long Trip

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First i went with my friends abdelrahman aly and abdelrahman abdullah my best friend they are from my best friends if they were not my best friends we all my friend love each other so much we always help each other and the important thing is a very long story which it will interest anybody wants to read this story .We were playing which other in my house and then we were so not enjoying our time and then a impossible competition that if you win you will get playstaition 4 and fifa gta and batterfield cds and we kept dreaming that we won this game and we are playing with it and suddenly i found my father and mother to go to this place so we went their to complete this competition and we went their and the wonderful advantage has become so we went their and we found this place full of ice and rocks then i knew that it will gain a lot of effort and hard work then we listened to the fortune teller he is a very old man that he did not love us at all then he splits us into groups then he told all the groups exactly what are we are going to do in this competition it was a competition of 4 parts .Part 1 was that we have to get up mount everest and after that we will ride a plane that we will go to Egypt we all will help each other to get back ABO EL HOLS nose to its place and then go to china to try to pass the big china wall and then go to jump from a plane passing over France and how come first he is the winner of this competition he will win the ps4 in the end me and the two friends were tired and i didnt so they fall from pain and i didnt leave them so i pull them to the end and i didnt win but they told me that we will take a laptop on it this games and then we didnt win the ps4 and we kept paying at home with the laptop and my dad brought me ps4 next day and we kept eating until next day

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flickr photo credits: (1) tanyalau (2) cogdogblog (3) chickadeeacres (4) AnAsianBroskii (5) joanne2012Jan

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