Five Card Story: Refuge

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When I was seven years old I wanted to run away. We lived in a small house with a nice large yard, but that wasn't why I wanted to run. I wanted to run because I wanted to travel. I was a weird little boy, always dressing up like it was halloween. I think I did that to add to my life, provide excitement where there was none.

I got the travelling bug from my father he was a professional photographer and was always travelling about, telling me stories of the wild african plains and the harsh cold mountain tops. I admired him like no other.

I remember the summer I ran away, I didn't run very far, being seven years old you don't exactly run to where you don't know. I simply decided I was going to live in my fort by woods near my home. I stayed there one whole day before my parents found out, I was a private child who stayed in my room most of the time, if I wasn't outside daydreaming of travelling. Luckily my dad was home that time, I don't think Ma could of convinced me to come home quite like my dad. He simply announced in the woods that I may spend the rest of my life there if I wanted to but if I did not I was to leave a message on a tree for my dad to see in the morning, if I made it the night I could go on a trip with him. Little to my dad's surprise the next morning he found me sitting under a tree with the word OK carved into it.

My dad did scold me for running away but he kept his promise, he took me up north to the great lakes of Canada, my very first adventure. and here I am now writing this 20 odd years later, on top of a mountain. Sometimes you need to listen to a kids dreams I guess.

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