Five Card Story: girl who was lost at sea also named my beloved loss her mum cried

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or was it. it wasn't actually Pippa they found on the water it was another girl whos parents liked the thing Pippas parents did with her hair and they put their girls hair in plaits with a fake pink flower. So where was Pippa the truth is she was in a body bag in lifeboat 7 screaming her head off but sadly nobody heard her because she was 7 hours away from the wreck of the gigantic titanic.The kidnappers had been trying to get the Mcguire fortune for 6 years and now they had a Mcguire child so they were more than capable of stealing it by saying that they were Pippas Dad and Uncle. so What happened to Pippas family after they found out that Pippa was found floating on the water well Penny cried and yelled pippy pippy all night and jack just kept silent for a week her mum wept for a week and her dad sat on the couch all day saying nothing like jack. Pippa was not fed and looked after until they got to a remote island south of america they got pippa out and tied her up so she couldn't get the knots undone but luckily for some random reason her parents

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flickr photo credits: (1) shareski (2) bionicteaching (3) whistlepunch (4) Intrepid Flame (5) Serenae

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