Five Card Story: Australian Christmas

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It was Jennifer's senior year and her family wanted her to be able to go on her own senior trip, since her school wasn't doing one. Her family knew that spring break wasn't enough time to have a decent trip and Jennifer would be busy working during the summer and move in for college. Her family decided to plan a surprise trip to Australia as a Christmas present and senior trip for her. Plus, it would be a family bonding experience. Before Christmas break started, Jennifer's family told her they were going on a trip, but they didn't say where. Her mom packed Jennifer's bags for her so Jennifer would have the right clothes for their destination, but without knowing where they were going yet. Jennifer got on the plane with her family, who made her wear headphones and blindfolded her so she still wouldn't know where they were going. After a long flight, they reached their destination and Jennifer took her blindfold and headphones off. She saw a sign that read "Welcome to Australia" and she screamed with excitement. The family made their way to the condo that they were renting for two weeks and stared in awe at the beautiful Christmas decorations that were set up all around them. While they were there, their family visited the zoos and explored the outback, seeing lots of kangaroos and a few hairy tarantulas. The food they had was amazing, especially the Christmas deserts that were only offered at that time of the year. Jennifer walked on the beach and watched the sunsets with her siblings and even tried surfing, which she was surprisingly good at and fell in love with. Her family also got on a yacht and took a tour around the harbor at Sydney, making corny Finding Nemo references. Jennifer didn't want to leave and go back to America. She wanted to finish her senior year in Australia, but of course her parents just laughed and told her there was no way that would work. Saddened by the departure, Jennifer gets on the plane as slow as possible and looks back on all the pictures that she took during her trip and thinks about how she can't wait to tell her friends about her experience.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) keepps (4) Intrepidteacher (5) bionicteaching

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