Five Card Story: The lost boy

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It was a cloudy afternoon, but a warm one. The breeze was blowing just right, and the sun was peeking through just a little bit. Joey and his family were on vacation at the cabin on the lake. Joey was about seven years old, and the youngest of the family. He wanted to go fishing, so he ran down to the lake. Quickly his mom grabbed the camera to take pictures, and ran after him. When she got down to the dock, something was wrong. She couldn't find him anywhere. She was looking everywhere for him. Her heart started to pound and she couldn't breathe.

Joey had been going down to the dock everyday for the pas three days, and each day he noticed a rock stairway that was made out of rocks. He had been planning on going up them to see where they led to, but his mom was always around, and he knew she would never let him go. Finally he was by himself, and had the chance to go. He took off running up the stair as fast as his legs could take him. He pushed himself to keep going until he was far enough away so the adults couldn't see his bright red jacket.

Joey's mom, Susan, ran back up to the cabin, and burst into the door. She screamed that Joey was missing, and she couldn't find him anywhere. Phil, Joey's father, shot up and took off down the hill. The others were in so much shock that they could just sit there until Susan yelled at them to get up and help find him.

Joey came up to a camp of tents, fires, and horses. At first he didn't see any people, but all of a sudden he heard a voice. He couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It kept asking who he was, and how he got there. We was turning all around looking for the person, but still could not find them! He opened his mouth to say his name, but nothing came out. "You cannot speak with your mouth here, boy, think of what you want, and we will hear." Joey was confused, but did as he was told. "Joey!" he thought in his head. "Good boy, now I'm going to come out, do not be afraid."

Phil and Susan were in tears because they were so scared. The other adults tried to calm them down, but couldn't because they were just as scared. They were all thinking of the worst, that he drowned. They couldn't think of anything else that would have happened.

Joey watched as a old man came out of one of the tents.He had long, white, curly hair. He was dressed in a shirt and skirt that were the same light tan color. His skirt was a little too short, and he was holding a walking stick. Joey was a little scared, but waked up to the strange man. Again, he tried talking, but remembered he had to think it. "Where am I?" he thought. The man told him that he was in the land of the Thinkers, an old Indian tribe. They put a spell on the land, and that is why they cannot talk. He said that Joey needed to leave, otherwise bad things were going to happen.

Susan suggested that they contact the police, but Phil refused. He knew that once they did that, it meant all hope was gone. He still had a little bit of faith, and wasn't going to give up quite yet.

Joey was confused. How could a small seven year old cause bad things to happen? He turned around to leave, but there was a problem. He couldn't remember how to get back. He thought, "I'm sorry, but I can't leave. I don't know how to get back!" Joey started to get scared as the sky began to get darker and darker, and the wind was blowing harder and harder.

Phil was starting to wonder if he made the right choice because the weather was changing, and not a good change. If Joey was still alive, he would be in the woods. If the storm gets any worse, there will defiantly be trees falling.

The old man looked in the boy's eyes, and asked if he trusted him. "Well, yeah, I guess I do." All of a sudden the boy got a weird feeling in his stomach, and felt like everything was spinning. He looked down, and his feet were no longer on the ground. He just closed his eyes, and waited.

Phil began to walk up to the cabin to call the police. This was a bigger problem than he expected, and thought they could at least confirm if Joey was alive or not.

When Joey opened his eyes he was standing in the middle of the kitchen in the cabin. He heard the door open, and watched his dad step in with tears falling down his face. "Daddy!" he screamed, and ran to his dad. Phil's eye filled up with even more tears, and picked his son up and squeezed him tight. Phil ran to the living room where everyone else was, and everyone screamed with relief. Joey was home safe.

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