Five Card Story: A Day With Tim

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It was a windy Monday morning. The palm trees were swaying as the strong wind blew. I went to the park nearby and I saw a Pepsi can on the bench. The Pepsi can looked old and dirty. My best friend, Tim, came to the park to meet me. We decided to throw the can away in the dustbin. After throwing the can away into the dustbin, we sat on the bench and started to chat.

After a while, Tim and I decided to go for a walk. As we were walking, we saw a pine cone along the way. The pine cone was as hard as a rock. Tim told me that he wanted to bring the pine cone home to show it to his parents. However, I told him that I also wanted to bring it home to show my parents. Hence, we started to quarrel. Finally, we decided to throw it away.

As we continued walking, Tim told me about his recent trip to Canada. He shared with me about his personal experience of how he did bungy jumping from the Grouse mountain top. I was surprised and I asked him more questions about it and his trip.

Tim shared with me more information about the trip. I felt very excited. As we were deeply engrossed in our conversation, we did not notice that the time was flying. The sun began to set. We decided to walk back home happily. When I reached home, I shared with my parents what Tim told me about Canada. My parents promised that they would bring me there one day.

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