Five Card Story: Missing Boy

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Missing Child: Boy, 7 years old, brown hair, last seen at Bangor State Fair by Cotton Candy stand. See photo below. Answers to the name Ben. If you see him, please call 990-1142 and ask for Janine.

The poster was worn now. It had hung for five miserable months. Five months of absolute torture, wondering where Ben was. Wondering if Ben was alive.

Every day Janine sat on the rusted white couch, of her old red house, staring at the street, trying to remember that last day together.

They were only going to the fair for a few hours to escape from the boredom that summer can bring. Janine had held his little hand so tightly the whole time they had been at the fair, yet that day, that one moment, changed everything.

She turned her head to give the man the ticket to go on the ferris wheel with Ben. He must have wandered off at that point. It was so busy that day. Streams of teenagers, of children, were wandering around the fair grounds.

Janine's panic when she turned her head and realized Ben was no longer there was so intense. There is very little to describe it. It is a deep, dark pain in her chest. It is a pain that no one should ever feel.

How could she have allowed Ben to leave her sight? How could she ever explain to her husband how she could have allowed this to happen? Words aren't possible. Nothing is possible. The guilt eats her up.

Her days are now spent purposeless, sometimes staring out that big white picture window in her living room, starting through the old wood bows of the glass, wondering if Ben even has any idea where they live.

She lives alone, for Lucas has left her. His anger toward this one day, this one awful moment will never allow him to see her the same way ever again.

I guess the saying is true, you never know how good something is until it is gone.

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