Five Card Story: cruel day part 2

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i screamed and screamed i needed to get help and fast . no one was coming.
" no one can hear you girlie. now lass whats your name it seems very silly me keep calli'n ya girlie . i need to know your name if where gonna get married " i kept my mouth closed i didnt want him knowing my name, if he did things could get worse. " i said whats your name " i still said nothing." would you rather say your name or be forced to you little **** " i still said nothing. he slapped my face and it was really painfull
" " i murmured .
" ok clowey truth is i wanna child and your gonna give me one " i yelped but as he said no one could hear me. " shut it . stop shreeking. or ill start now" i shivered
" please dont hurt me or make me pregnant "
" oh please do stop exsajarating. now im gonna get some sleep so can you please shut up. " he walked up stairs then paused. " oh and ill tell you when i want you to join me . " and with that he carried on walking up the stairs. i looked out the window and saw a woman walk towards her house i ran to the door and banged my fists on the glass. the women turned around and saw me banging " help ! " i mouthed at her . the women looked very worried and started walking towards the window
" whats wrong ?" she mouthed
" ive been kidnapped " i mouthed back " call the police " she nodded and took out her cell phone than she opened the window and took me out of the house. i ran into her arms and whispered that i was very thankfull for her to have saved me. outside there was a busy drive way packed with cars.
" come on little girl ill look after you intill the police get here" the women unlocked her door and let me in. the house was quite and there was a little girl in a high chair who was asleep. in the backyard was mainy plants all in neat rows . there was a tank with a lizard in on my right . the skin grey and quite scary too.
" would you like a snack ? a pizza mabey a packet of chrisps . oh i know you can have one of my specail yougurts for you ." she passed me a berry flavoured yougurt and smiled . " dont worry evreything will be alright "

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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