Five Card Story: crule day

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danger was always meant to happen today. it all started out to be a good day. it was my birthday and my best friend bethany was staying over . me and bethany where like two peas in a pod - we where- intill i acidentally broke her new phone. you see her dad barley ever visits and when he does he buys her pretty expencive gifts like last week bethany went to los vegas to visit him and came back with a i phone 6. she was always holding the thing. even when i was talking to her. anyway, my mum thaught it would be a pretty good birthday present to go to the mall. the mall closest to us was right next to a beach layered in thick yellow sand . we had a smashing time there intill we got into a argument. it started out as a silly little bicker but than it got worser and worser. she started pullying my hair and i pulled hers. than i stared at her phone in jelousy . i despreatly wished that phone was mine.
" you dont deserve this " i spat at her and snatched the phone out of her hand and flung it into the sea. i was so suprised at my own actions that i started to cry
" why should you be crying " she snarled at me " im the one whos just lost my expensive new phone ." i couldnt take it any more i ran and ran intill i aproached a lift and jumped on board. i needed to get away and fast. i got a train to the furthest away place i could think of. the dumping ground. the smellest place you could think of . i didnt get that far i stopped at oxford street and got of blinking back tears. hundreds of people where there and i felt unsafe. i felt alone and scared beggers where sitting outside shops saying they where despret. then i sat down near a close by shop and fell asleep.
" hay girlie." i woke up with a start . a elderly man was looking down at me . his uggly face quite close to mine .
" come along to my car " he cackeled i shuddered
" no thanks sir " i ran than and there but i wasnt fast anoth.
" hay wait where are you going ?" i kept running and running intill i felt breathless. i passed a man on a ladder and shouted help but the painter had headphones on and couldnt hear a word i was saying. the man grabbed me and shoved me in his car...
evreything seemed dark. where was i ...? i looked in front of me and spotted a gate. it was outside and was locked with string .the house looked knocked down and alone i dont know what i was gonna do . oh jeez help me enybody? somebody? nobody?

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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