Five Card Story: Lisa's trip

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Lisa’s trip
One day Lisa was in her big orange house and she was going to go to the mall with her mom to get a haircut. When they were on the stairs going down to their parking lot, Lisa’s mom Katherine was acting very weird, because she was ignoring Lisa and trying to avoid any physical contact with her. So, they finally got into the car and drove off to the mall which was like 30 minutes away from their house.
When they got there, Katherine mom sat Lisa down on a chair inside of the haircutting shop. And she said ‘’Lisa, stay here, I will be back’’. So Lisa sat there with a stranger, who was cutting her hair, and she started to ask Lisa random questions and it started to creep her out. Luckily she had her phone with her so she could call her mom and ask if she could go and meet her. But she did not answer, her mom did not return for 2 hours.
And Lisa started panicking she did not know what to do the situation. She was only 10 years old. She only lived with her mother since her parents split up. The rest of her family members lived around 5 hours away. The lady who was next to Lisa was actually stalking her because she knew her already. The lady’s daughter went to the same school as Lisa did, and Lisa did something to her daughter but what she didn’t know was that it was very big misunderstanding.
The lady started physically hurting Lisa, she was punching Lisa. Lisa had no self defense because the lady was much older than her. Suddenly Lisa realized that no one else was in the shop. She ran out into the streets, she found her mother crying in a car. It was raining, and there was a big hurricane going on. Lisa could not do much about it, but she ran to her mother. Katherine drove off before Lisa could get to her. Lisa started crying and screaming of sadness and confusion.
Lisa was out in the pouring rain desperate for help, she had no money, no phone, and no one who could help her. The streets were empty because people had left the country because of the gigantic hurricane that was happening. Lisa walked for nearly 15 hours. It was the next day, Lisa woke up, she found herself in a big and dirty forest. She did not know where she was. But she kept on walking. Until she found herself back in her house, she knew it was her house.

She was very sure that it was her house because of the flowers that she had put on her tree out side in the garden. She surprisingly found her father in her room, waiting for her with his arms wide open and with good news. The news was that Katherine was not her real mother. The real Katherine was in the kitchen. Her dad told her that they did it on purpose so that Lisa could grow up and learn how to take care of herself. And he said that so far, he thinks she will grow up to be successful in life.

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