Five Card Story: The Long Lost Timeline

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There was guy that loved to demonstrate what people did a long time ago. he would do this because he did not have a lot of money so this job made him enough money to rent a little cheap motor-home for him to live in. but one day he got a call saying the place he worked at as closing down and he was getting laid off. but he got really worried that he wouldn't have enough money to rent the motor-home and he would become homeless. and then a few days after that he lost the motor-home because he didn't pay rent so now was determine to find a job that wasn't to hard bet he would still wanted to get a decent amount of money. but there was still another problem, he lived 6 hours away from the city and all of the farm jobs were taken and he needed a job to be able to get him enough money that he could stay in a hotel until he made enough money to get his own house. so early the next morning he starting walking towards the city. after about 3 hours of walking he stop to take a rest. after he was ready to go he could only walk about 2 hours before the sun would go that the sun was gone and it was almost dark he sat down beside the road laying the edge of a fence to rest for the night. the next morning he got really early because he only had 1 more hour before he got to the city. after 45 minutes the man could see the city, but it was starting to get hot so he sat down on the side of the road were there was shade next to a fence. after his break he was starting to get exited because he only needed the walk 15 more minute until the city. he was now in the city looking around at places the had a sign on the window saying now hiring. after a while he found this little office with the now hiring sing on it so he went in to see what the job was. so he asked this man in the little office foe the manager and when he came back out the manager followed right behind. the man asked what the job was and the manager said it was for a dairy farm the need's extra help for the upcoming winter. the man was so exited that it was this type of job because he grew up on a dairy farm and knew what to do and how to prep a farm for winter, and as soon as he tooled the manager that he was hired instantly. the man was tooled to wait outside on a little brick wall so they could take his picture to put on the employees wall. when that was done the mane said wait a moment so i can just get your uniform and so we can head out to the farm. when they arrived there was a big metal warehouse that they put the cows in and it looked just like the one his father had, so that made him feel like he was home and they even have a little house for him to stay in. and that is when he found his new lifetime job.
The End

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