Five Card Story: The Trip

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Hi there! My name is Mac. I’m a 20 year old guy who likes to travel around to different places and explore new things that I've never have known before. When I travel, I meet lots of new friends too! But…sometimes there were bad things that happened when I was traveling, like when I got lost or the car ran out of fuel.

One day, I was driving my car, but somehow I came to a place with tons of people around. It’s some sort of festival because guess what…it was so crowded! My car can’t even get through but so then I had to have an idea in mind, but nothing in my mind, the only way to get through the people is to do the long way, and that way, is to wait. I waited in the car until the festival was over. At midnight the festival was still on, I couldn't wait for it to stop but then I felt very tired and I started sleeping. Even though I think the festival is not over yet, I still had a goodnight sleep.

The next day I woke up and saw that the festival was over. I was glad it was because there’s no need to wait anymore and I started to drive my car down the highway again. I came across a small pathway so I decided to go in there. I kept on driving and there were two new different pathways at the end of the pathway (that I’m driving on) that I can choose to go whether to take the right pathway which will lead me to a hotel or the left pathway which will lead me to a school. I decided to take the right pathway which leads to the hotel because I was thinking to spend a night resting over there. And so I’m driving down the pathway…Suddenly, there was fog in the pathway, it got heavier and heavier and so that I can’t see the way while I’m driving. Soon, the fog faded out and I could see the hotel right in front of me.

The hotel looked old and kind of…creepy I guess. I opened the hotel door and OMG!!! CREEPY TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I closed the door and picked up a flyer I saw and got in my car and drove away down the pathway. While driving outside the pathway, I read the flyer and it said: Welcome to Freddy’s Hotel, the maximum night you can stay is 5! When I finish reading, I had a feeling I know a little bit of the information that I read on the flyer. I thought back of things that I've done, I suddenly stop and got freaked out. That flyer said just the same thing like the game I've played recently with my friends, and that game…is 5 Nights at Freddy’s!!!!!! I got creeped out and there were goose bumps all over my arms and I was so scared thinking that that hotel was real because I thought 5 Nights at Freddy’s was just a game, but it is REAL!!! I was so scared and I drove back onto the highways.

I took the way back to my house and told all of my friends who are staying there that I went into a house like the game we played recently. But they never believed me and I blanked out…. Coming to think of it, I should have taken a photo to show my friends but I guess I was too scared for that. I think I should take a break for now and drive next time because the hotel I went in gave me the creeps!

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