Five Card Story: The Gnome-Filled Pots.

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On a narrow street in a narrow country on a narrow doorway of a lonely home there were pots, pots and pot. There were pots on the front lawn, pots in the backyard, pots near the left fence, pots near the right fence and pots near the FOR SALE sign. The house has been on sale for months yet no one has ever showed an interest in it. You might think it is because the house was dirty but no, the house was quite clean. It wasn't because the house was in a poor condition. In fact the house is quite new. The main reason? The pots and the mysterious gnomes in the pots. In the hundreds of pots there are hundreds of gnomes. Each pot holds one gnome and one gnome only each pot contains. Everyone in the neighborhood dislikes the gnomes.
“They look creepy!” The Prime Minister’s wife would say.
“Let’s get rid of them!” The neighbors would say. But every time the gnomes are moved, they always come back. People believed that they were bewitched. On rainy days, the gnomes are never in the pots and on sunny days, the gnomes aren't even in the pots. They were only in the pots during early morning and late evenings. But out of all the gnomes, there are three that look different from others. A large black dog, a large yellow dog and a chipmunk. They are always seen in the same spot day after day, night after night under the large ON SALE sign.
One day, the unexpected happened. A young lady came to the neighborhood and offered to buy the house. She was dresses from head to toe in black and had a black cat with green eyes as a pet. In one hand, she held a funny looking staff. The staff was made of iron and had vines twisting around it. On top of the staff laid a skull with green fire pouring out of its mouth. She was no doubt a witch. The prime minister knew that and refused to sell the house to her. When he did, she said.
“It doesn’t matter if you allow me or not, I will still live in it.” He was terrified when she said that. No one knows what a witch can do for no one has ever met one.

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