Five Card Story: winters end

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when winter ends you feel releafed , well most people do enyway i feel diffrent i feel chills of sadness spill down my spine i feel complete darkness like my heart is empty. last winter my parents died in this very house on my very bed. they were stabbed, murdered by a man called thomas bakery. a pleasent name for not a very pleasent man. my aunt rushed round and being much younger then my mum had no exsperience of how to look after us she gave tommy a water bottle and me a packet of sweets to shut us up while she talked to the police apparantly my mum and dad had a row and my mum decided to get revenge she went on a dating website . met up with some bloke - thomas bakery- and was forced into sex. she was abused and badly bruised when she arrived home but she had not told anyone anything because he had threatened her. two weeks later my mum went out again to meet him this time he was much harsher her had a wip and wipped her told her to call him sir told her she would live up to his evrey desire. told her she was his sexy secret. he called her names claimed her for himself. he called her his sexy bitch and forced her into engagement. mum was round his place for 4 days intill she reteurned. she wasnt very well then. she could barley cook us somthing to eat. the next date they had he found out that she was married and told her he was gonna get revenge. and he did. they were dead. and me and tommy were parent less. me being 9 and tommy being 1 we were clueless of what aunty sally was talking about we could here her sniffling and swearing under her breath we heard words like " fucking basdard" or " slut" or sometimes even " the little shit" but we didnt understand. we thought they were just words we hadnt learned yet. we didnt know what all it meant intill now . intill 2 months ago when we where both tooken into care we were tooken into a foster home called the lonley rose and we had a care taker called roe. i guess the place was named after her. that was when i started to hate winter. that was when i cursed thomas bakery. thats when i realised what he was. sally was right hes a fucking little shitty bastard.
bye winter hello spring hopefully you will give us more hope
love angelenia

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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