Five Card Story: Sexy Stego

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One day, a chronically sunburnt stegosaurus found itself stuck once again in a never ending lecture An innapropriately warm looking lecturer was going oooon and ooon about the wonders of being cold blooded. Obviously he was pandering to the crowd of dinosaurs. The velociraptors in the front row threatened to eat him joint by joint if he failed to entertain them.

Stego, being a herbivore and not a fan of blood, warm or cold, decided to get out of there as fast as his solidly muscled legs could take him. he wandered down Swanston St the National Library, and was almost run over by some skater kids trying to use the corner statue as a ramp. The skaters kicked him in the tail, but Stego just brushed them off because she is so goddamn placid, never sticks up for herself, always the butt of the jokes. Even though most of the skater kids were severely wounded from being brushed aside by a ten tonne reptile, Stego found herself quite depressed at being badly treated by street side youths. She started wandering aimlessly.

Hours later she was startled by the call of a wrinkly little Italian man gesturing from his shed. he was batering away at an anchient green van, and for some reason most of the shed was taken up by mannequins with not upper body. The collection of legs had a variety of plaid shorts and pants on them. The Italian man immediately tried to get Stego into the shed to look further at his collection of Scottish memorabilia.

Stego hooted numbly and tried to follow him into the dak space, but her plates caught the top of the shed door. Being very heavy, and not that sensitive, Stego walked a few meters before realising that she had dragged the shed, its roof and most of its contents around her ears. She panicked immediately, crying tears of fear and frustration as she struggled to remove herself from the corrugated iron and plaster limbs. She found herself panting on the street once more, and only then did she think of the little Italian man. She heard an accented shout and saw a hand waving from the wreckage. Leaping into action, she swept the heavy metal aside in much the same way she had the bogan skater kids earlier that day. The little Italian man, being an immigrant and a veteran of the Second World War, proved to be a tough little bastard, and was unharmed.

Stego immediately tried to apologize, but being a dinosaur, she was completely unable to articulate. She stomped a recycling bin in her frustration. fortunately the Italian man interpreted this correctly and gave her a thank you pat on the nose. This had an unprecedented effect on Stego, lifting her spirits to no end and endearing her forever more to the little man who's shed she had destroyed. The man insisted it was no problem, and invited her to his favourite deli. They sat outside and drank coffee and ate cheese till the wee hours of the morning.

Unfortunately stegosauruses are herbivorous, and completely lactose intolerant. Stego went into anaphylaxis immediately, and required the entire state supply of antihistamines to prevent death.

The End

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) cogdogblog (4) hummingcrow (5) Serenae

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