Five Card Story: My Love

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The wind was blowing the dry grass all around me, I was sitting out in the field not far from my house. This was where me and him used to hang out everyday. It hasnt been long since he left me, it was after the trees were bare. I lay here remembering the trips we took, like when he had our first kiss under the arch way at the historic reserve we went to last spring. He made me feel so special. Thinking about him makes my eyes tears up, why did he leave me?
I remember the day we went to the beach, it was so beautiful that day. He made that my favorite memory, we laughed and played. I got a little mad when he dropped me in the water. When I came up I had planned to yell at him, when I felt his lips capture mine. Oh the memories I still have of him, that was the day he told me he loved me. It caught me off guard at first and he thought he had said something wrong, he started apologizing immediately. I leaned in and kissed him to shut him up, then I told him in a small shy voice, "I love you too". Oh the memories that boy left me with, I will never forget them even though he left me.
I remember the time when we went to the mountains to ski. This was our Christmas vacation and I wanted it to be perfect. We had so much fun having snowball fights and building snowmen, until that dreaded night. We were making cookies when he grabbed my hand and told me he couldnt breathe. We rushed him to the hospital immediately. This was when they told us he had cancer, the reason he couldnt breathe was due to fluid build up around his lungs. They said he wont make it, breaking down my parents held on too me. They loved him like a son, since his parents died he had been living with us for a year, we had grew up childhood best friends. Was I really going to loose my best friend, and the one Ive grown too love.
The last memory I had of him was three days after the dreadful news. He was sickly looking, and could barely talk I wanted to rush to him and cry my eyes out yelling to him to never leave me. With arms opened wide he told me to climb in. Laying beside him I began too cry, and he just held me and let me cry. Then he spoke, "I know our time together was short but you have brung happiness back into my life after my parents past. For that I thank you, and I would also like to let you know how much I love you." Pulling his arm from under the sheets he showed me a box, and opening it he showed me a ring. "This is me saying I love you now and forever. This wasnt asking you to marry me this was a promise ring. I know my time is short now but I still want you too have it."
I felt the ring still on my finger, I never took it off. That night I had laid in his arms feeling his warmth. I remember it so well, I was woken up that night by a phone call the hospital said he died in his sleep. I cried saying "Why did this have to happen to me!" When the nurses got to him he had died with a smile on his face and a picture of me in his grasp. He felt no pain, just dreaming of happiness when he died.
Laying now still in the field I think about it, he was put into my life for a reason, too make me whole again. I knew from the day he died I would live happy becuase that would be what he wanted. I laid there looking at the sky smiling thinking my love is watching me.

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