Five Card Story: Everlasting Summer

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" WOW!" i thought to myself as we drove into the streets of Los Angeles, California. The sky was shining so brightly and the palm trees high above us, were swaying beautifully in the breeze. I have been anticipating this moment for months.
Over the weeks we toured the cities of California, everywhere we went was remarkable, there was never a dull moment. One day, my family and I were relaxing on the beach, soaking in our last days of vacation. After, playing in the beach with my twins sisters for hours, I go to the bathroom and change my clothes, i was heading to the boardwalk. As i look in the bathroom mirror, i shrieked a little, my curly hair was tangly, my skin complexion looked like a crab in certain places. I was a little burnt. I bundle my hair up in a braided bun and tidy myself up a little.

Walking on the boardwalk, i couldnt believe how beautiful the beach was, the pretty birds chirping, the laughs shared by families and of course the everlasting ocean glistening and the sun beaming down glowing my skin despite my redness. Stuck in a daydream, i didnt notice a little girl tugging on my jean shorts until she accidently stomps on my foot. " OUCH!" i screeched as a turn around , someone walking towards us saids " Sorry for my sister, she can be a handful at times" . I couldnt make out a face, his face was blocked my the sun. The closer he got, the clearer his face.

I was stunned. The voice behind the glaring sun rays, was Josh, my old neighbor from a couple years. I could never forget his beauty.His impressive ja- " Hi , I'm Josh." he saids breaking me from my thoughts. " Hi, I'm Natalie, Natalie Jones." OH MY Gosh" "Nat its you!" " Yes" , i replied . " What are you doing here. " I'm pursuing my career as an actor. he exclaimed." , " Im guessing you are here on vacay?" "Yep " i sighed, wishing i could be here forever. " JOSH!" someone screams in the distance. "Well i gotta go, he exclaimed." "Heres my number, we should catch up sometime."
Weeks pass and i wake up to my phone buzzing. I glance at my phone and fall back to sleep for a couple seconds, till i here my phone buzzing again. When i look at my phone i couldnt believe the words i was reading. The text was from Josh and it said. : Sorry to wake you, been thinking about you since i last saw you. I dont want to see you go without telling you something, meet me at the board walk. I quickly get dressed and walk down to the board walk and see Josh standing there looking better than ever. As I walk up to him, he embraces me and saids " You look more beautiful then i last remember. He pushes my bushy hair back and kisses me. I look at him and smiled and said " i dont want to ever leave " and he replies " You dont have to, i want you to be here forever. " I blushed and reply " Me too. " We grasped each others hands and walked down the board walk , wanting the day to last forever...

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