Five Card Story: A Day at the Park!

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On Saturday morning Zach woke up extra early because he was so excited! Zach jumped out of bed and raced to his moms bedroom but she was asleep. Zach banged on her door until she woke up. Zach's mom sleepily opened the door to see Zach standing their fully dressed with a bowl of cereal in his hand. Before she could say anything Zach put the cereal in his moms right hand and grabbed her other hand dragging her to the front door. Once Zach's mom realized what was going on she said "Zach, its 6:00 in the morning, go back to bed"! "But mom" replied Zach "I have been waiting all week"! Zach's mom had been promising him all week that on Saturday she would take him to the park to try out his new 3D sidewalk chalk he had gotten for his birthday. Zach and his mom agreed that 9:30 would be a good time to go to the park. Zach's mom went back to bed and Zach camped out at the dinning room table sketching out what his first drawing with his new sidewalk chalk would be. He drew dinosaurs, elephants and aliens but finally he decided that his very first drawing would be of a big scary monster. When they finally got to the park Zach Spent two hours drawing his monster. When he was done he stood up and proudly admired his work, until is baby sister crawled right over top of his monster and smudged in EVERYWHERE!!! Zach was crushed, he was so sad he started to cry. He had worked so hard and now his monster was gone. However, Zach was quickly distracted by the other kids playing in the mud. Zach ran over to join them. The kids were using sticks and stones to make roads in the mud to drive there toys cards on. Zach set out to collect some more sticks to help the other kids make the roads. Like any little sister, Zach's little sister Maggie wanted to join. Maggie started to drive Zach's favourite blue car through the mud. Maggie soon became worried that her hands were dirty. She ran over the her mom, yelling "wash, wash, wash" and waving her hands in the air. Zach made sure to grab his car back while she was gone and completely covered it in mud so Maggie would not want to play with it again. After 3 hours of playing at the park Zach, Maggie, and there mom returned home tired and hungry. They were all excited when they walked in the door and saw their favourite cake in the middle of the table. While they had been at the park their dad had spent the morning baking them an extra special treat. After a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and of course an extra big piece of cake for dessert they all had a nice long nap! What a perfect Saturday!

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