Five Card Story: The Trip of My Lifetime

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It was 8am on a Thursday morning. I was enjoying my cup of tea and shot of espresso before my trip to the United Kingdom. I was going for two weeks and travelling across the UK to take photos for my communities Journal that I write for; the Peterson Press. This is a trip I have been waiting for since I first met the Discoverey Channel and seen the Stone Henge on my televsion screen for the first time, and now I was going to be able to see it in person!
I Put on my favourite sweater, and headed out into the cool autumn air. The airport was a few minute drive from my house, but the plane ride to get to London with the layover in Calgary was going to be a lot more than a few minutes. When I arrived at the airport it was easy to get through security and luggage check. I walked down the long corridor to my gate. I sat down and looked out the window, imagining what London, my first destination, must be like. I imagined Big Ben in the distance, all the traffic driving by, the people and even the street lamps. It will be everything I've ever imagined, and so much more.

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flickr photo credits: (1) nikkapotamus (2) amywallace93 (3) nikkapotamus (4) Cali4beach (5) cmitche21

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