Five Card Story: Stanza

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Through the open window i looked out into the world, i saw all the houses and the sun setting.
All the rain falling onto the flowers and grass, the seeming of a painted picture.
Suddenly i thought that the rain would melt the snow that kills the small little flowers and cover the cold graves where im at now.
After all the world started seeming smaller, my window began to grow and life will slowly start to come back from the cold stone snow.

Sleeping behind the curtain after all the rain falls, i see the sun.
Slowly it creeps up behind the houses like its coming to save us from the cold.
The grass starts to grow taller and the flowers get bigger.
All i see behind me is the curtain glowing bright and pink
So lovely the spring starts to seem, with every rain drop that sets and says hello to the earth.

Everything loses its gray, stop morning over the left behind.
Color grows from white days and black nights, to bright pinks and vibrant oranges.
Peeking up through the houses and over the windows.
I see nothing but the street signs and roads outside my window, with small patches of grass sprouting from spring being welcomed to the earth.
Spring is so beautiful and finally death seems to be coming back to life from the graves of seasons.

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