Five Card Story: Rubble

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Walking in the rain had always been my favourite, the leaves sticking to the sidewalk, the moisture in the air and the water dripping down building sides. My mother on the other hand had always hated the rain. So as usual she pulled up in her black van, stepped out and quickly put up her umbrella. She ran inside escaping the rain. I was meeting my mother at the local cafe around the corner from my house. We stepped inside and ordered our drinks. As always I ordered a small black coffee and my mother got a hot chocolate with whip cream. We sat down in the big red chairs and waited for our drinks to arrive. I started talking about my new job, I was hired at a local book store to choose the books to order for our shop. My mother and I had always shared a love for reading so I couldn't wait to tell her about the job. As the lady was bringing our drinks over to the table, the ground started to shake. Plates and containers were crashing to the ground. Glass windows were shattering. People cried out terrified of what was happening. I dove under the table and covered my head, my mother did the same. We stayed under for what seem like forever praying that the shaking would soon end. It finally did and we all slowly stood up. I was in shock, not aware of what had just happened. After making sure that everyone was okay we proceeded outside to see the destruction. The walls were crumbling and the streets were filled with rubble. The street quickly filled up with people crying, screaming and in pain. Children were in shock and unable to move. Parents quickly grabbed them and pulled them out of crumbling buildings. I finally realized, there had just been an earthquake. The town that I grew up in now looked like a foreign land.

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