Five Card Story: The Best Day Ever

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When the detective’s phone rang during her breakfast, she knew it would be a busy day. She sighed in annoyance and sat up, leaving her sliced bread and butter on the table uneaten. She reached to the telephone and picked it up on its last ring.

“Hello?” She asked, not even trying to conceal her annoyance in her voice.

The person on the other end of the line seemed to sigh with relief. The detective rolled her eyes.
“Well, what it is it? I was just about to eat, and the lack of food in my stomach combined with your apparent inability to speak is making me increasingly more irritable by the second. If you don’t have anything to say I am going to hang-“

The person on the other line interrupted her. “I am so sorry, detective-“ the voice on the line ended the sentence like a question. The detective rolled her eyes. Again. Two times in one morning, a new record for her.

“Sheryl.” She finished for the caller.

“So sorry,” the caller apologized. Sheryl resisted the urge to roll her eyes again. They really should have sent Greg to call her. The caller contiuned to talk.
“Detective Sheryl, I have been informed to tell you there has been a murder.You are needed immediately, the scene is at 233 Rockerner Street.”

Sheryl hung up, and picked up her cat in glee. She smiled and laughed.
“I guess today is not going to be terrible after all! A murder! A great big murder, oh, I am so happy!”

She threw the cat on the couch, ignoring its cry in protest. Quickly she ran out of her apartment, and jumped into her car, whizzing by fences and people. She had to get there fast, before the body had to be taken away. She finally rounded the last street to where the crime scene was. She looked at the area, examining everything from the dirt to the type of paint the words on the “Do Not Enter” was painted with. She shoved past a reporter, aiming to get closer to the body so she could examine it throughly. Pushing past the police officers she approached the body and almost lost her lunch. Dismembered limbs, a decapitated head and slash marks?

Today was going to be so much better than expected.

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