Five Card Story: Water Hazard

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Prosperity golf course was sought after by all. Mary, world famous golfer, loved to practice there. Every morning, bystanders watched in awe as she hit balls down the green (the boys were all a little scared; the girls rapt with desire of emulation). Everything was great until one day, a caddy named Tommy went missing. Tommy was Mary's favorite caddy. They had been together since the opening of the golf course. No one could read Mary's mind as to the club, chalk, wipe, whatever she needed. She was devistated, but continued to play, slowly training a new caddy, Emily.
Emily was a famous hula hooper. She liked to hula hoop after Mary as they trapsed along the fairway. She was able to spin up to twenty hoops at the same time. She often like to use them as boomerangs too. One of her favorite tricks was to toss the hoop over the water (while still spinning a number of hoops at her waist) and let the fish jump through the hoop before it returned to her (they were well trained fish). One day, though, the fish stopped jumping. Because Emily was very suspicious, she beleived Mary, fabulous golfer, was jealous of her skills and had killed the fish with her mad ability to hit a moving target with just a ball and a club.

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