Five Card Story: Missing

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It was hard to believe he was gone. It was the three year anniversary of his death and I took it upon myself to make his tombstone look nice for this day. Snow covered the ground and you could hardly find where it said his name. I stared at the writing "Timothy Blank", and memories of the case flashed back to my mind. He was so innocent, so pure. He was barely seven when he passed away. I remembered seeing his face all over the News, online and all over my desk. I couldn't escape seeing this boy everywhere I went, even though I never knew him. His parents kept pleading on television. Hoping whoever took Timothy would bring him back. They kept raising the amount of reward money for his safe return. People kept calling saying they had information on his whereabouts but the trail never went anywhere. The last place anyone saw Timothy, was right before getting on the school bus, his backpack was there, but he wasn't. He just vanished they say, that nobody saw this small child get swooped up by a total stranger. The news talked about him for months, until there was something new to talk about. But I kept looking. I wanted to make sure that if anything new came up, I was the first to find it. I wanted this kid home safe. I wanted to find his kidnapper. But just like the media, I had nothing new to report after a while, and people kept telling me to stop obsessing over this case, that there is nothing more for me to do. Even his parents had given up hope after the first year, so why cant I? I eventually moved on to new cases. I moved on with my life, but Timothy was always on the back of my mind. It was almost two years after his disappearance, something new came up. But it wasn't what I hoped for, it wasn't anything anyone had hoped for. A new building was being put up, only a block away from where he was last scene, that a small corpse was found. The autopsy showed he had died hours after his abduction, that he went fast. It still bugged me, why couldn't we find the person who took him? Why didn't he have Timothy for a longer period of time? He was barely with the victim, and that's what really bugged me. And now, one year after discovering his body, I still wonder why Timothy was chosen out of the giant group of children, and that is what I will always wonder until, I too, die.

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