Five Card Story: Our Master

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My Master is great. He feeds, bathes, and walks me. Oh yeah and I forgot about my other best friend Honcho he is cool to. But anyways one day Honcho and I were sitting on the back porch watching all the birds and bunnies when all of a sudden we got really hungry so we went back inside and are bowls were empty and our master wasn't home so we had to find something then we saw some Lucky Charms on the counter and we start to eat but as we came to find out we only liked the marshmallows not the cereal. Then we went outside again and played for hours then we heard our master pull in the driveway. So we ran back inside to the front door to greet him but as we were running through the house Honcho was going too fast and crashed into the lamp and it fell over and broke. That was the last day we ever saw our master. The last I heard of our master he was roaming the streets a dealing powerful kung fu attacks to whoever gets in his way.

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