Five Card Story: Moving on in life

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I had made the mistake of playing with my police toy in front of my captain and the police station, after being yelled at by the captain and laughed at by the police station. I was let go from the police force. As the day wen't on i had been so upset at myself for what did but i also was mad that i was fired for such a small action, so went on my way to find some food to release some stress. I found a potato shop and i ordered 6 bake potato's with a little bit of butter and salt. After a long horrible day and losing my great job the next day i decided to take a hike in the San Diego hiking trails so i can have some time to figure out what i want out of life, just like my captain said when he fired me "take a hike out my department cooper!" and as i was on my hike i ran into these two snails and it was interesting because they started talking to me like i spoke snail or they spoke English. When i was looking at the snails i had asked both of them the same question "what are you two fellas up to today?" the two snails had replied at the same time and said "We are on our way to find ourselves women to tell us what to do with our lives" I was shocked what the snails reply was and i thought to myself "Maybe i better do the same thing because i am lost, i'am in need of a good women to help me out." Therefor i took a vacation trip to the islands of Hawaii to find the love of my life. I found myself on the great island of Honolulu and on the beach of Waikiki and began my search for the person who is willing to help pick me up and live our great lives together.

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) Intrepidteacher (3) bionicteaching (4) keepps (5) krutscjo

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