Five Card Story: Going back in Time

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Do you ever think about what country or place you originally came from? A few days ago I was having a conversation with my mother about our family tree. I have always had this thought pondering in the back of my mind that there is something out there way in the back of my family tree that my family and I don't know about. With that said I set out on a adventure of a lifetime. I wound up buying a plane ticket to Germany where I watched the sun set before take off.The next day I seeked expertise at the Museum of Ancestry with Laura who brought me the records of my great great great grandmother.I learned where she used to live ,and It was unbelievable that I walked the streets that my great great great grandmother played when she was a child on the way to the museum. She lived in an apartment made of brick with her four sisters. Once she turned twenty she got married and moved to the united states, the state of Washington to be exact. Blown away I took the next flight to Seattle and drove the two hours to Bellingham where she was barried and visited her grave site for a little while before I headed home. Once I walked through the front door of my house all I could say was " Mom you won"t Believe this!"

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