Five Card Story: The Arena Of Death.

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It was real.At first I thought it was all just a joke but when she showed me her vision, I saw straight through it into something even bigger.I saw the arena of death. "Tiara!Tiara! What happened! What did you see!" I stood there standing in fear. "Talk to me!" Shouted Cherish. Shes my best friend but something about her is weird and not right."What did you see!". She screamed at me as if I was deaf."What happened! Talk to me!!" "I SAW IT! When we touched it was real! It was there because I saw it!". She looked at me with confusion. "H-how? Who showed y-you?", "You showed me, everything I saw was everything you couldn't see". She took a deep breath in and stayed silent. Hesitation hit me, should I tell her? Does she need to know the rest?. "And y'know whats really funny. The stadium of terror, the theater of dread. The arena of Death, it was all summed up in one place. Your house.". "Your lying! You made this up! You made all of this up! Its all a lie and you know it!". "NO! Its not! Let me show you and you will believe me! Just give me your hand". She slowly put her hand out and locked her eyes on me. I put our hands together and stared back. A bloom transition came across then suddenly we were at her house. There were train tracks leading to her doorway and trees surrounding it. We both walked there step by step as the sticks on the ground crackled.When we were there we saw a empty room with walls of bricks. It seemed like a prison room. She believed me."Tiara, lets go! I'm scared!". I replied with a quick nod. We ran back and saw a huge grey building so we ran into it and it leaded us into a alleyway.I breathed deeply and heavily. "Hurry! I can see it". I ran for my life as she did the same and by the time we were out her memory had already faded away.It wasn't the beginning of my new life, It was the end of her old life.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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